I'm Ishita Goda a passionate Artist from Mumbai

I am Ishita Goda, emerging artist from India, currently residing in Michigan, USA. My artistic journey has been that of an explorer.

Although a chartered accountant by profession, art has always been my calling and a way of expressing myself.

Feelings, emotions and the scarcity of beauty in current times inspire me to paint. Often enjoying an "explosion" of colours, I find working with a limited palette equally thrilling. I work my way in mixed media painting-experimenting different techniques, brushstrokes and textures. Not confining to of any particular genre I believe in translating my emotions to work without any restrictions. Everyday is a new day of learning for me and I enjoy every moment of it.

As they say, Life is a great big Canvas, throw all the paint you can on it.

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Grand Rapids, MI




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Note : Do you want to ask me anything about an art or If you have any suggestions or Random tidbits, feel free to send an email and start a conversation.